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We worked with the large restaurant brand to perform a holistic review of its cash handling arrangements which resulted in 7 figure annual savings.


Our client, a large restaurant brand, engaged CMSPI to perform a holistic review of its cash handling arrangements. The review covered; cash in transit costs, cash processing costs, internal processes, risk management and a comprehensive vendor capability assessment across all restaurants.
Following an initial consultation with the restaurant brand to scope the requirements of the project, CMSPI visited several of the client’s restaurants to observe first-hand its internal cash management processes. The CMSPI team then began an in-depth analysis of the client’s data and processes, including; the current cash profile, cash recycling, employee tip management, cash processing and cash in transit contracts and pricing, risk management, and the current cash in transit schedules.

QSRs and restaurants have many unique cash management challenges. By holistically reviewing the client’s arrangements, CMSPI built up an accurate profile of the client’s custom requirements. CMSPI’s review identified opportunities to improve the efficiency of the client’s internal processes, risk management, cash in transit pickup schedules, contractual arrangements and pricing.

CMSPI Solution

Using its proprietary Pinpoint:Cash software suite, industry knowledge and pricing benchmark database, CMSPI assessed the client’s end-to-end cash handling arrangements, both internal and external, on a site-by-site basis. This exercise allowed CMSPI to review the unique factors that influenced their cash supply chain, including; cash and cheque revenue at each restaurant, employee tips, cash recycling, safe limits, internal cash handling processes, restaurant locations, risk, interest rates, settlement cycles, supplier relationships, franchisee arrangements, and supplier charging structures among others.

CMSPI presented a range of options to our client which balanced cost, cash flow and risk – considering their appetite for cost reduction, risk and operational requirements. CMSPI was able to identify ways to improve internal efficiencies and small operational changes to ensure a more streamlined supply chain.

CMSPI fully managed an RFP process for cash in transit and aided supplier discussions in regards to cash processing services, engaging with the major cash in transitt companies and banks. In conjunction with this process, an optimal collection schedule and improved end-of-day processes were also implemented across all restaurants. Thus, the cost savings initially identified were achieved with minimal impact on cash flow and risk.

CMSPI’s granular analysis provided the client with a transparent understanding of its true cost of cash on an individual site-by-site basis, confidentially benchmarked against peers and industry best-practice.

The project delivered a 34% reduction (seven-figure savings) in costs across the overall cash supply chain, with potential for further reductions as the large restaurant brand and CMSPI continue to work together to optimise arrangements over the contract term. Additionally, CMSPI negotiated robust service level agreements with each supplier, and improved the efficiency of internal processes. These improvements, along with ongoing advice and monitoring from CMSPI, mean that not only does the client have increased visibility of its cash in transit and cash processing arrangements, but it’s arrangements are future-proofed against industry changes.