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Optimise the cost of your payments arrangements

In a payments ecosystem that is as complex and ever-changing as it is opaque, understanding the nuances behind the infinite number of payments variables at play - let alone putting those variables in context - is a tremendous challenge. That's where CMSPI comes in.


Get the insight needed to supercharge the performance of your payments arrangements

Leading businesses from around the world chose CMSPI & its expert advisors to help them navigate a complex payments ecosystem. Working as extension of the payments team, CMSPI empowers retailers with data-driven insights, benchmarking and expertise in order to drive best-in-market results.


Utilise sophisticated data-insights to make smarter decisions

Our payments advisors are powered by data - our proprietary technology connects data & information from disparate sources to deliver essential insights into your payments supply chain. This helps us analyse down to a transaction level to identify opportunities to reduce your costs and predict outcomes of making changes to your payments arrangements.


Reduce costs across your entire payments supply chain

CMSPI partners with businesses to help them remove barriers and reduce costs across the entire payments supply chain. We specialize in cutting costs associated with facilitating customer transactions including card processing, buy now pay later (BNPL) options, and alternative payment methods.

Prashani Samaraweera

George Willis

SVP, Global Business Development

"Merchants are facing upward pressure across all of their supply chains. We partner with leading retailers to help mitigate any cost increases and reduce the overall cost of transacting."

Every day, we're working to make the payments supply chain work for your business - not against it.

We’re here to make you more effective. icon

We’re here to make you more effective.

As part of your team, we're working towards the same goal. We equip you with the insights, underpinned by our processes and technology, to help your team be more efficient and more effective.
Our clients receive 3x the value 3x faster. icon

Our clients receive 3x the value 3x faster.

Local market specialists, data insights & sophisticated benchmarking capabilities means CMSPI is able to dig deeper and reach wider, identifying all areas of opportunity to reduce costs.

We're trusted by the leading businesses across the globe. icon

We're trusted by the leading businesses across the globe.

Working with hundreds of clients every year and analysing billions of transactions - we know payments costs.

Our success depends on your success. icon

Our success depends on your success.

Engaging with CMSPI is risk-free. Our share-of-savings fee structure ensures that you only pay us when we provide tangible value to your business.

Our Process

We believe that to drive truly optimal payments performance requires a methodology that mixes data science, expertise, and proprietary analytical tools.

  • 1

    Onboarding & Health-Check

    A seamless, secure, low-resource onboarding process. Followed by an audit of historical transaction level charges associated with payments.

  • 2

    Defining Your Payments Optimisation Strategy

    In parallel to a health-check, CMSPI would use it's sophisticated benchmarking capabilities, analytical tools and expertise to help identify opportunities for optimisation. Following this, we work with your team to prioritise cost reduction initiatives & define a roadmap.

  • 3

    Ongoing Optimisation & Powerful Analytics

    In an ever-changing market, with CMSPI's experts & powerful analytical tools by your side, you can remain in a best-in-market position.

What clients say about CMSPI

With CMSPI, Boohoo secured a competitive advantage with our payments suppliers.

CMSPI helped us get a better understanding of how upcoming regulatory changes in the payments industry were going to affect us. I appreciated the clarity that CMSPI provided and the benchmarking analysis was something I am sure we would have struggled to be able to find elsewhere. Thanks to CMSPI, we now have complete confidence that Boohoo has secured competitive merchant acquiring charges with our provider and that we are fully benefitting from available interchange reductions.

Jo Watson

Head of Procurement & Facilities |

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