Publications May 6th 2021

Card Acceptance Fees: How Are They Changing for German Retailers?

Local card schemes, evolving customer preferences, and regulatory differences all serve to make the European payments landscape a fractured one.

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Martha Southall

Senior Manager, Global Advocacy Manager

In the last 5 years we have only seen this heightened, with market-specific changes to the fees levied by international card networks generating significant variation in costs by country, regional classification, and channel.

As the European picture grows in complexity, pan-European merchants are forced to be increasingly domestic in their approach to payments acceptance.

In this report, we consider the German market specifically. Whilst Germany is symptomatic of the European trend of rising acceptance costs, German merchants have a host of additional considerations to navigate, from Girocard to the rapid expansion of Buy Now Pay Later. Our report looks to understand what the last 5 years of fee changes has meant for them – and whether 2021 will be any different.

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