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A CMSPI report, developed in collaboration with Amazon

A Review of Instant Payment Systems Across Asia Pacific and the World

In today's fast-paced digital environment, instant payments have the ability to improve the customer experience, reduce payment processing costs, drive sales, and generate a competitive edge for merchants. However, the fate of these systems depends on the work of stakeholders globally.


This report was created in partnership with Amazon and explores the dynamic landscape of instant payments, analyzing its prospects with a focus on the financial industry, merchant transactions, and the broader economy. While these systems are already making significant strides in geographies like Brazil, Australia, and the European Union, there are still some key takeaways global regulators must prioritize to ensure the success of instant payments.

Within the report you will find:

  • An overview of the instant payments landscape

  • A thorough examination of the key benefits that instant payment systems offer

  • Case studies on SCT Inst in the European Union, Australia's NPP, and Brazil's Pix

  • Vital recommendations for regulators to foster an environment that maximises the potential of instant payment systems

Interested in reviewing the key takeaways from the report? Read ‘A Review of Instant Payments System Summary’  (5 pages) or ‘Key IPS Recommendations for Regulators' (5 pages).

Download the full report below (29 pages).

A Review of Instant Payment Systems Across Asia Pacific and the World - Full Report

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