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C&A: European Fashion Retailer

CMSPI worked with the leading European fashion retailer C&A to deliver a long-term strategy to support their omnichannel payments needs across their eighteen European countries of operation.

On this journey, CMSPI was able to identify and deliver significant benefits to C&A in the short term, with no operational change required.

This enabled C&A to move forward with their strategy towards a consolidated omnichannel solution.


CMSPI was approached by the C&A team after delivering a presentation on the evolution of scheme fees in the DACH region at a congress attended by both parties. In subsequent discussions it became evident, that C&A would benefit from CMSPI’s extensive payments knowledge, analysis skills and data insights, that could not be reproduced in-house.

C&A kicked off an RFP process prior to engaging with CMSPI, that was designed to deliver a more consolidated payments supply chain across their fragmented channels and markets. The objective of the project was to assess the current C&A payment set-up and streamline the RFP process to select an omnichannel payment partner.


CMSPI undertook a detailed analysis of C&A’s payments profile and conducted a benchmarking analysis which included an audit of fees. This identified optimisation opportunities across all channels and payment methods within eighteen countries in the presentation of findings.

CMSPI designed and managed the end-to-end RFP process and provided like-for-like qualitative and quantitative analysis of responses to guide C&A’s decision-making process.

Benefits Achieved

In the short-term, CMSPI delivered significant savings across local and global card types, gateway, and alternative payment methods, with no change required. For the medium and long-term strategy, CMSPI was able to establish the right foundation to support a consolidated omnichannel solution, further providing additional value-added process enhancements, which delivered both qualitative benefits and savings along the way. Ultimately, C&A decided to pursue a long-term payments optimisation strategy with CMSPI. 

C&A Testimonial

CMSPI’s deep payments knowledge was invaluable in building our payments strategy across Europe.

With their data and insights, we were equipped with all the tools we needed to make the right decisions. We benefitted from significant savings in the short-term, while building the right foundation for a long-term strategy towards an integrated omnichannel payments supply chain.

Jochen Probst

Jochen Probst

TECH Domain Lead Selling & Markets Domain