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November 10th 2022

DEICHMANN Delivers on Data-Driven Payments Strategy with CMSPI

DEICHMANN, international footwear retailer, partnered with CMSPI to build a data-driven payments strategy designed to reduce costs and deliver innovative payment solutions that enhance the customer experience.

With over 4,300 branches worldwide, covering 31 markets and turning over 6.2 billion euros in 2021, DEICHMANN is Europe’s largest footwear retailer.

The key to the ongoing partnership is designing and executing on a holistic strategy which enables the retailer to localize payment methods in their different markets across Europe. As a result, they were able to realise significant improvements to their customer experience and drive cost efficiencies. Further, like many multinational merchants, DEICHMANN was seeking to gain more transparency of their true cost of payments acceptance.

“The team decided to issue a tender for merchant acquiring and gateway services, seeking to better understand the market’s latest solutions and ensure they found the right partners for their long-run growth strategy.” said William Downes, Senior Consultant at CMSPI. “Our proprietary analytical tools, data insights, and expertise in local markets across Europe have provided transparency and enabled them to unlock previously hidden value in their payment’s setup. The world of payments seems to get more complex by the day, so we’re excited to continue to work with the DEICHMANN team.”

“This has been a high-value partnership that has enabled us to drive more value out of our current payments setup, keep up with a dynamic payments landscape and drive significant cost savings. CMSPI continues to be our go-to partner for anything payments related, and I would highly recommend them to any payment teams looking to use data insights to enhance their results.”

Jens Rühter, DEICHMANN