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April 27th 2021

White Paper: The Merchant Battle Worth €68bn – Understanding Interchange Reclaims

Many merchants believe interchange fees are fundamentally anti-competitive, resulting in multiple legal proceedings brought against Visa and Mastercard to recoup the damages incurred. Following the Supreme Court’s decision in 2020, the opportunity to reclaim historical interchange fees could be worth millions to your business.


Despite being regulated in 2015, interchange fees have been a problem for the merchant community for decades. Due to the limitation period, claims can go back between 1-6 years, depending on the country – meaning as each day passes your claim could be reducing.

White Paper Contents Include:

  • Timeline of interchange cases
  • Court case summaries
  • The Supreme Court judgment explained
  • Next steps for merchants

Understanding Interchange Reclaims

This is a complex process and specific payments advice is required – not just legal counsel. CMSPI is uniquely positioned to provide accurate and robust analysis, capable of withstanding intense examination from the schemes.