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Boost the performance of your payments supply chain

By equipping companies with objective insight, technology, and deep expertise, CMSPI makes it possible to strike the balance between maximising revenue, minimising fraud, and reducing the cost of accepting customer transactions.

Every day, we’re working to make the payments supply chain work for your business - not against it.

Our independence protects your business. icon

Our independence protects your business.

Everything we do is done to objectively advocate for a more equitable, more productive payments ecosystem.
We protect your data and privacy. icon

We protect your data and privacy.

There are two things that power our business: our clients and our data. That's why we take client privacy and data security very seriously.
Our success depends on your success. icon

Our success depends on your success.

Engaging with CMSPI is risk-free. Our share-of-savings fee structure ensures that you only pay us when we provide tangible value to your business.
We're here to make you more effective. icon

We're here to make you more effective.

As a part of your team, we’re working towards the same goal. We equip you with the insights, underpinned by our processes and technology, to help your team be more efficient and more effective.

Our Process

Connecting what’s disconnected takes deep insight into how each entity in the payments ecosystem operates, the context of what "market-leading" looks like, and acumen from data scientists and seasoned economists. That’s what CMSPI brings to the table - the depth, the breadth, and the integrated capabilities necessary to drive better outcomes.

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We take the time to understand your business.

We'll start with an audit of your payments supply chain to get a firm understanding of your current arrangements.


We uncover opportunities.

We’ll benchmark your providers’ performance and uncover hidden inefficiencies within node on your payments supply chain to identify areas of improvement opportunities. With this insight, we’ll then show what can be achieved.


We work to make you more efficient and more effective.

We’ll help you with the best path forward and implement solutions.

What clients say about CMSPI

CMSPI's knowledge and professionalism bring value and cost savings to any online merchant.

"The team over at CMSPI were instrumental in helping us not only gain better transparency in our payment processing fee structure, but also put forth a comprehensive plan and compelling discussion points to approach our payment partners in renegotiating our existing agreements and effectively realise reduction in fees that would have otherwise been lost.

I believe the knowledge base and professionalism of the team in this space would bring value and cost savings to most any online merchant."

Aj Minnetian

VP of Finance | eHarmony

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