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Minimise Fraud

Combat risk & minimise the cost of fraud

In an increasingly online, increasingly cashless world, fraud has risen exponentially. In order to combat this shift, businesses must take a balanced approach to minimising fraud. That's where CMSPI comes in.


Reduce fraudulent transactions without impacting the customer experience

If your chargeback ratio goes too high, it has implications for authorizations. If your transactions aren't getting authorized, your customers experience unnecessary friction. CMSPI helps businesses take a calculated approach to fraud by identifying and resolving the issues caused by fraud rulesets that lead to chargebacks, claims, and identity mismatches.


Get the context needed to address issues and drive better business outcomes

CMSPI’s proprietary revenue optimisation and fraud resolution tool gives companies the insight needed to increase revenue while reducing fraud. By giving you full visibility into your approval and fraud rates, our tool gives you a single source of truth to identify and resolve broken links in your payments supply chain and reduce friction for your customers.


Identify and select fraud providers that will work for your business - not against it

Just because a fraud provider works for one business, does not mean that it will be a fit for yours. Because each business has unique requirements and unique challenges when it comes to fraud, understanding which fraud provider is the best fit for your business requires an unbiased, tailored approach. CMSPI helps businesses objectively identify, evaluate, and select the right fraud provider for their unique payments ecosystem.

Why our clients receive 3x the value 3x faster

We believe that the accessibility of data provides the context needed to offer clarity and make your payments more productive.



We take a holistic approach.

We leverage our holistic understanding of the payments supply chain to dig deeper and reach wider. Looking at your unique ecosystem, we benchmark fraud tool providers to identify and implement the right partner for your business.


We find objectivity through data.

In a payments landscape that's riddled with conflicts of interest, CMSPI strives to find objectivity through data. We use that data-driven objectivity to create clarity for you, reduce friction for your customers, and drive accountability with your fraud providers.


We build trust through transparency.

In an opaque, rapidly evolving payments ecosystem, it’s hard to know where your business stands… let alone whether or not you can trust that your fraud strategy is in working order. That's why our collaborative, transparent, client-first approach is at the heart of what we do.

What clients say about CMSPI

CMSPI's involvement has been invaluable.

CMSPI’s involvement with Douglas’ payments optimisation journey has been invaluable. I really appreciate CMSPI’s way of providing my team with assistance on our #passionforpayment journey. Their huge database that is being used to find savings potentials and build up benchmarks, is consistently impressive.

Laura Treude

Head of International Payment

Every day, we’re working to make the payments supply chain work for your business - not against it.

We're here to make you more effective. icon

We're here to make you more effective.

As a part of your team, we’re working towards the same goal. We equip you with the insights, underpinned by our processes and technology, to help your team be more efficient and more effective.
Our clients receive 3x the value 3x faster icon

Our clients receive 3x the value 3x faster

Local market specialists, data-insights & sophisticated benchmarking capabilities means CMSPI is able to dig deeper and reach wider. This means minimising the cost of fraud & stop losing good customers.
We're trusted by the leading businesses across the globe icon

We're trusted by the leading businesses across the globe

Working with hundreds of clients every year and analysing billions of transactions - we know fraud strategy.
Our success depends on your success. icon

Our success depends on your success.

Engaging with CMSPI is risk-free. Our share-of-savings fee structure ensures that you only pay us when we provide tangible value to your business.

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Join us for CMSPI's first global regulatory eSummit, hosted in collaboration with The Startup Coalition. This event will bring together merchants, regulators, trade associations, and payment innovators from around the world to discuss the future of payments regulation.

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A Review of Instant Payment Systems Across Asia Pacific

In today's fast-paced digital environment, instant payments have the ability to improve the customer experience, reduce payment processing costs, drive sales, and generate a competitive edge for merchants. However, the fate of these systems depends on the work of stakeholders globally.

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The Truth Behind Scheme Fees: Evidence from the Payment Systems Regulator’s New Working Paper

On June 30th, the UK’s Payment Systems Regulator published a working paper on recent changes to card scheme and processing fees. This latest phase of their market review comes as merchants around the world call for action on rising card fees, and its findings could have implications for regulators globally.