Retail Payments eSummit Interview: Meet the Host of Day 1, Wayne Ashall

Wayne Ashall
Wayne Ashall

Multinational Retailers: Think Global, Pay Local | Oct 13 | 1:00 – 5:00pm CET

Why did you decide to dedicate a day of sessions to multinational retailers? Why is this an important topic to explore in today’s landscape? 

Payments is incredibly complex, and when we look at payments on a multinational basis, that complexity only increases.

Some European countries have successful local debit schemes operating alongside the global schemes like Visa and Mastercard, but with so many changes in the industry, getting those arrangements right is difficult. Changes are happening on a local, regional and international level, and being able to optimize and be efficient in each of those areas is complex. I’m excited to share real-life examples during the eSummit of how we’ve successfully helped multinational retailers improve their arrangements.

What are the key challenges you will address on day 1?

The key challenges that we’ll be addressing on the day are looking at the pros and cons of managing your payment supply chain locally versus globally. We’ll explore the potential benefits and pitfalls working with a consolidated supplier versus local arrangements.

We’ll also tackle industry fees, including big cost items within the merchant service charge like interchange and scheme fees. Merchants are often told these fees are non-negotiable, but what can merchants actually do to mitigate those costs?

What’s the main objective of the day?

The main objective from the day is to find opportunities in the payment supply chain that the merchant didn’t know was there. And that’s not through any fault of their own, it’s because of the complexity and opaqueness of the industry. So, whether it’s a cost element or revenue driver, a better service element, or something in their payment supply chain that can be reviewed and improved – we’ll help expose these areas for consideration.

At the end of the day, you don't know what you don't know – and you can’t optimise what you don’t know!

Wayne Ashall, Managing Director

What experience does CMSPI have managing multinational payments arrangements?

CMSPI not only has experience working with global brands on their regional and global payment strategies, but our work also spans various different sectors and business types. This experience across different verticals, whether it be fashion, airlines, hospitality, franchise organizations, membership organizations, gives us unique insight, knowledge and benchmarking data to help merchants. We have experience working with every type of business, dealing every type of payments issue – that’s what makes us uniquely placed to help merchants.

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