Exclusive Report: CMSPI’s SCA Impact Assessment

22nd September 2020
Toby McFarlane
Toby McFarlane

CMSPI’s analysis suggests that €108bn worth of online sales are at risk across Europe (excluding the UK) in 2021 alone, as a direct result of the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) mandate and cliff-edge implementation on December 31st, 2020. These sales are at risk of transactions failing, technical errors occurring, and ultimately good customers being forced to cancel their purchases.

CMSPI’s Exclusive Report Highlights:

  • What is Strong Customer Authentication?
  • How does it put transactions at risk?
  • Percentage of sales at risk across Europe (split; SME vs. large retailers)
  • Percentage of sales at risk across specific European countries 
  • What retailers need to aware of, by market
  • Why the cliff-edge approach to regulation needs to be reviewed

SCA Economic Impact Assessment – from CMSPI

For questions about the report contents, or for press enquires please email Alex Ellwood, Head of Merchant Advocacy at aellwood@cmspi.com.

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