Watch: scheme fee changes – what’s happening & what can you do about it?

10th May 2018
Brendan Doyle
Brendan Doyle

At CMSPI, we work with merchants across Europe every day, and have a unique insight, via the data we analyse, into any changes in the payments industry. We have been witnessing, and mitigating, the impact of these fee increases for years. 

The recent rises are likely to appear on May invoices, so it’s important to urgently assess and understand the impact these increases will have on your business.  Back in April, we interviewed Brendan Doyle – CEO, Jennifer O’Neill – European Payments Consultant, and Sam Appleby – Director of Business Development, to ask how the changes will affect merchants, and what they can do about it.

Interview 1:  What’s happening with scheme fees and why?


Interview 2: How to mitigate the rising costs and future plans

We’d like a much more comprehensive regulation, and really what we would need to see is an empowered regulator with a vision of creating a fair regulatory system. That, we think would actually achieve what we want to achieve as a fair regulation system for everybody, not just the schemes, acquirers and issuers, but also, of course, the merchants.

Brendan Doyle, CEO, CMSPI
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