Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) – Impact Assessment – April 2021

20th May 2021
Mohammed Patel
Mohammed Patel

CMSPI’s insights team has been analysing retailer Strong Customer Authentication testing data to show the potential sales at risk and overall readiness of the industry.

Our analysis of April data illustrates significant transaction failure with the estimated European failure rate on transactions at 29.7% compared to 30.3% in March 2021. This implies almost no improvement in performance since the previous month. This lack of improvement is particularly concerning as enforcement deadlines have been reached in most European countries.

Key findings in this update include:

  • Estimated average failure rate in Europe at 30% in April
  • Estimated annual sales at risk of €86 billion
  • The failure rate for Italy is estimated to be at 44%, significantly higher than the European weighted average of 30%

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