FX and International Services

Additional income streams are becoming increasingly important to merchants of all sizes. Merchants who optimise their FX arrangements will make a substantial impact on their bottom line.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC, also known as cardholder preferred currency), multi-currency pricing (MCP) and tax-free shopping (TFS) have long been profitable sources of additional income for merchants. With a continued trend in increasing international spend – now is the time for merchants to optimise their arrangements and make a substantial impact on their bottom line.

With more facets to consider than ever before, these additional revenue streams are becoming an overwhelming and often-neglected area of the payments industry, with many merchants leaving long-standing, legacy arrangements in place without regular review. With international spending on the rise, merchants are processing greater volumes than ever before and as a result, should be benefiting from more competitive DCC, TFS and MCP arrangements. Now is the perfect time to engage with the experts at CMSPI and make sure your business reaps the rewards.

Areas of Our FX and International Services


Understand if your business is taking advantage of the significant revenue available from these additional income streams.

Tax-Free Shopping

CMSPI has experience in delivering significant additional revenue and incentives to our TFS clients - including additional marketing budgets and staff training.

Local vs Cross-Border Acquiring

Merchants are often searching for a one stop shop acquiring solution. We can walk you through a cost-benefit analysis and help you understand the practicalities.

CMSPI's understanding of our business and sector, expertise in the payments industry and bespoke software have been invaluable. Through this they have been able to deliver Marriott Hotels seven figure annual savings.

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