Our Team

CMSPI is a trusted advisor to hundreds of merchants across the globe. We are proud to be merchant champions, working to improve payments arrangements, reduce costs, and implement innovative solutions for the merchant community.

Lord Hodgson


As Chairman of CMSPI, Lord Hodgson is responsible for helping steer the growth of the business globally and guiding strategic initiatives. He is an experienced business man and politician.

Brendan Doyle


Brendan founded CMSPI after identifying a gap in the market for a truly independent merchant-centric payments consultancy. He has spent his career passionately campaigning on behalf of merchants.

Elley Frost


Elley is responsible for growing the business financially and expanding CMSPI’s presence in new territories. She is an industry expert in cash management and cash office technology solutions.

Andrew Golding

Non-Executive Director

Andrew sits on CMSPI’s Board of Directors as a Non-Executive Director. Andrew brings a wealth of business experience and banking industry expertise to his role.

Sam Appleby

SVP of Business Development

Sam leads the global business development team in identifying, developing, and securing new strategic relationships. He works closely with merchants to determine how CMSPI can best help their business.

Richard Kyne

SVP of Global Consultancy

Richard specializes in overcoming the complexities that surround multinational payments arrangements. He works with some of the world’s largest merchants to improve their cash management solutions.

Matthew Shaw

Chief Operating Officer

Matt is responsible for the overall management of CMSPI’s shared services division. He oversees a large team of global employees including business development, marketing, HR, operations, economics and IT.

Wayne Ashall

Managing Director - UK and Europe

As a specialist in complex cross-border payments, Wayne consistently saves clients 6-7 figures annually and is passionate about providing tailored, optimized solutions for merchants.

Karolina Tallar

Global CFO

Karolina leads the finance team and is responsible for the financial planning & analysis, corporate finance and treasury of CMSPI.

Callum Godwin

Chief Economist

Callum is responsible for driving the on-going industry analysis that keeps CMSPI at the forefront of payments and often lends his unique technical knowledge to complex client projects.

Jessica Horry

VP of Analysis

Jessica specializes in the North American card market and works with some of the world’s largest merchants to optimize their complex, multinational payments arrangements.

Alistair Combes

Global Technical Consultant

Alistair works to expand CMSPI’s product offering to fit the changing needs of the merchant community and provides technical guidance and expertise on complex multinational projects.

George Willis

VP of Global Business Development

George specializes in the development and implementation of online and offline sales and marketing strategies, campaign planning, and new market expansion.

Joanna Hyde

Global Marketing Manager

As Global Marketing Manager, Joanna is responsible for developing and implementing strategic marketing plans across the business.

Alex Ellwood

VP of Merchant Advocacy

Alex manages CMSPI’s strategic partnerships and drives merchant engagement across the world.

Alistair Matthewson

VP, Head of NAM Consultancy

Alistair is an expert on the U.S. card market and supply chain complexities, and has an in-depth knowledge of PIN and PINless debit routing solutions.

Jennifer O’Neill

Senior Consultant

Jennifer brings a strong passion for payments to her role, and spends her time working closely with her portfolio of clients to ensure their arrangements remain market-leading and future-proof.

Cameron Klingensmith

Payments Consultant

Cameron works closely with his large portfolio of clients to ensure their arrangements are optimized and at the forefront of payments innovation.

Shaz Flanagan

Global Talent Manager

As Global Talent Manager, Shaz is responsible for sourcing and recruiting world-class talent to join the CMSPI team globally.

Toby McFarlane

Head of Approvals and Fraud

Toby is responsible for the product development and commercial strategy behind CMSPI’s acceptance division.

Jenna Birch

Payments Education Manager

Jenna is a cash industry expert and leading member of CMSPI’s product development team, specializing in CMSPI’s Pinpoint software suite and cash office technology solutions.

Michelle Boldin

Payments Analyst

Michelle is an expert in complex multinational arrangements and works closely with merchants to deliver significant improvements to their payments arrangements.

William Downes

Payments Consultant

Will works closely with his portfolio of clients to ensure their arrangements are not just improved in the short-term, but are market leading, robust, and at the forefront of payments innovation.

CJ Brown

Technical Consultant

CJ brings a wealth of experience in the card industry to his role as Technical Consultant. He is experienced in delivering world-class payments solutions to merchants with complex arrangements.

Crystal Whitfield

Contracts Manager

As the person responsible for contract management at CMSPI, Crystal uses her wealth of experience to review supplier contracts and assist merchants in risk mitigation strategies.

Fionnuala Feeney

Analyst Team Manager

Fionnuala is experienced at analysing complex payment data and uncovering potential savings opportunities for her client portfolio.

Jing Leung

Payments Analyst

Jing is highly experienced at optimizing complex payment arrangements and finding cost reduction solutions for both cash and card projects.

Daniel Luehm

Payments Analyst

Daniel uses his extensive supply-chain management experience to analyze complex payments arrangements and uncover hidden value for merchants, delivering significant cost savings.

Josh Butterworth

Senior Analyst

Josh uses his extensive knowledge of the industry to design innovative products including most recently, CMSPI’s Pinpoint:Debit software.

Raya Mailloux

HR Manager

As HR Manager for CMSPI’s North America office, Raya is responsible for developing and implementing human resource plans and procedures.

Jordan Pierce

Senior Data Analyst

As an expert in data architecture and data visualization, Jordan is experienced at harnessing the potential of big data and transferring those learnings into key insights for the merchant community.

Kate Haller

Payments Consultant

Kate works with her clients to ensure the entirety of their payment supply chains are strategically optimized by ensuring market-leading costs of acceptance and innovation.

Robbie MacDiarmid

Economics Analyst

Robbie is responsible for providing economic analysis that keeps CMSPI at the forefront of the payments industry. He is an expert on the future of payments, and brings a life-long passion for learning to his role.

Kaitlyn Harysch

Payments Analyst

Kaitlyn uses her experience analyzing extensive data sets to find cost savings for clients in cash and card projects.

Abbie Venables

Events & Marketing Coordinator

Abbie is responsible for managing all of CMSPI’s internal and external events, including exhibitions, webinars, workshops, and full-scale educational/advocacy events.

Miller Page

Payments Analyst

Utilizing his background in analytics, Miller uncovers key insights from payments data and works to provide clients with an optimized holistic payments solution.

Michael White

Payments Analyst

Michael is responsible for working with client data sets, as well as other client information, in order to obtain optimal solutions and arrangements for the benefit of CMSPI’s clients.

Joshua Pynn

Payments Analyst

Joshua is responsible for pinpointing savings opportunities for his clients. His economics background brings a unique perspective to analysis.

Brittany James

Data Analyst

Brittany specialises in analysing and interpreting large, complex data sets. She uses that understanding to expose areas of improvement for the merchant community.

Timo Pauget

Payments Analyst

As Payments Analyst for Europe, Timo seeks to identify mischarges and spot opportunities for CMSPI’s clients to greatly reduce their costs and improve service agreements.

Elizabeth Burquest

HR Advisor

As HR Advisor for Europe, Lizzie is responsible for developing and implementing human resource plans and procedures.

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