CMSPI Embark on Comprehensive Cost of Cash Study

17th October 2018
Jenna Birch
Jenna Birch
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Our mission is to provide an accurate and detailed cost of cash study for the merchant community. For years, we have received feedback from our clients – big and small – about the difficulties of understanding their true cost of cash acceptance.

Our expert cash team will be conducting a comprehensive study of the true cost of retail cash management (with and without labor costs) to provide merchants with a guide that provides useful and actionable learnings, and analysis on an industry-by-industry basis.

CMSPI will bring visibility to opaque industry information and ongoing market complexities and will produce a clear breakdown of cash acceptance costs. Using anonymous data from the merchant community, market-wide survey results, publicly available data, and insight and updates from key cash supply chain stakeholders, CMSPI will publish a study that allows merchants to accurately understand the true cost of cash.

If you would like to contribute to our study (anonymously, or not), please contact Jenna Birch, CMSPI Product Manager, at or call +1 (470) 582 0100. All study participants will receive a free copy of the report in advance of the official publication date. 

We will present the study at our 2019 Merchant Cash Management Forum in September in Arizona – to register your interest in attending, or to learn more, please click here.

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