CMSPI joins forces with the MAG to tackle PIN debit routing

25th April 2017
Alex Ellwood
Alex Ellwood

CMSPI’s exclusive webinar, Who’s your PIN debit routing really working for?, will be hosted on Thursday May 4th at 3pm EST. Led by US card payments experts, Callum Godwin (VP of Research) and Alistair Matthewson (Technical Consultant) the webinar will expose why many US merchants are unwittingly missing out on substantial six – seven figure cost savings as a result of sub-optimal routing arrangements from their processors.

The webinar will tackle some of the key issues surrounding the US PIN debit market, showcase a recent CMSPI client case study and offer merchants’ practical advice on how to optimize and reduce their PIN routing costs.

Special guest speaker

Laura serves as the SVP, Operations of the Merchant Advisory Group (MAG).  In this newly created MAG role, she is responsible for delivering on operational optimization strategies on behalf of MAG’s merchant members through collaboration with industry stakeholders which is an integral part of MAG’s overall strategic plan.  Laura is as an independent consultant to the Merchant Advisory Group and the broader retail community with focus on strategic planning, operational optimization strategies, and cost control tactics specific to consumer payments, emerging payment technologies and trends, and corporate cash management.  Previously, Townsend led corporate cash, consumer payment, and global digital product management initiatives including emerging innovative consumer experience opportunities at McDonald’s Corporation most recently as the Senior Director, Global Cashless & Digital Products.

Like CMSPI, the MAG feels that sub-optimal routing arrangements is one of the key issues facing merchants in today’s payments industry.

The subject of debit routing optimization reached an inflection point with the advent of regulatory reforms in the U.S. several years ago, and has evolved significantly since that time. Many consumers and retailers have benefited from debit reforms. However, as a result of lack of knowledge, resources, or clarity on the financial value to their business some retailers haven’t implemented routing optimization strategy. In some cases, retailers are not receiving the financial value rightfully theirs by virtue of the regulations. Some merchants indicate up to 25 basis points in savings as a percentage of debit sales while others indicate net savings of a penny per debit transaction as a result of debit routing optimization. It is important that merchants don’t leave cost saving opportunities on the table and seek to leverage debit network market competition afforded by debit reform to optimize least cost routing.

Laura Townsend, SVP of Operations at MAG