Supporting Merchants – Now, More Than Ever

28th April 2020
Brendan Doyle
Brendan Doyle

A Message from the CMSPI Team

As retailers across the globe are encouraged to close their doors, our thoughts go out to people and businesses who are being affected by the pandemic. This is undeniably a challenging time for everyone, and almost every retail industry is facing unprecedented disruption from lockdown restrictions.

At CMSPI, our dedicated team are using their industry expertise, unique insights and resources to help the merchant community to tackle the range of challenges arising from the Coronavirus outbreak – and to continue navigating the changing payments landscape in a post-COVID world.

For almost 30 years, we’ve been dedicated to empowering merchants. In many ways, they are the heartbeat of our economy – and this hasn’t changed, even in the current climate.

Many of the common issues merchants face when processing customer payments have been amplified during this period. We’re passionate about ensuring merchants’ concerns and challenges are heard, and substantiated with data and analysis, in order to work towards a truly balanced payments ecosystem.

We will continue to support merchants to navigate and overcome these challenges as much as we can, both through our consulting relationships with specific merchants and through bringing issues to the attention of governments, regulators, and trade bodies.

Brendan Doyle - Founder and CEO

To help keep the merchant community informed at this difficult time, we have launched the Retail Payments Review – providing all of the latest updates and insights from retail week-by-week, so you can stay up to date on spending trends and industry changes.

We are also hosting a unique series of webinars, exclusively for merchants, to explore the long-term impacts of COVID-19 on the world of retail. Over recent weeks, we’ve seen some fundamental developments to the way customers spend and the way they pay – and many of these will have a sustained impact even after lockdown ends. We’re here to make sure you’re prepared for those changes and continue to maximize the value in your payments supply chain post-COVID-19.

Finally, we are launching an e-learning platform, providing access to a range of online materials for merchants to access at any time. Look out for these resources – if you have any questions, or would like to discuss how we can support your business, please get in touch with George Willis:

The team here at CMSPI will continue to do what we can to support and champion you throughout this difficult time.

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