Discover and American Express Change Signature Rules

13th December 2017
Alistair Matthewson
Alistair Matthewson

Over the last few weeks, both Discover and American Express have announced that starting in April 2018 they will no longer require a signature for credit and debit card transactions.

Joining Mastercard, who made the same announcement back in October 2017, this means that three out of the four largest card brands in the U.S. have now embraced the shift away from signature verification – leaving only Visa to still require it.

This change represents a growing effort to reduce time spent by consumers at the point of sale (POS), as well as strengthen security and improve the consumer experience. Digital authentication methods including biometrics, EMV, multi-factor authentication, and tokenization, have all proved more secure than signature.

Merchants wanting to move away from accepting signatures at their POS may need to invest in new systems to accommodate the change, and will need to speak with their supply chain regarding implementation.

What does this mean for your business?