Video: Durbin Amendment Erosion and its Impact on Merchants

06th June 2019
Alex Ellwood
Alex Ellwood

The Durbin amendment, implemented in 2011, was estimated to deliver $9.37 billion in annual savings for merchants (based on estimated 2019 volumes). Fast-forward to 2019, and 28 new or amended merchant fees have been introduced by Visa and Mastercard – each one adding further complexity – continually wearing down the benefits of regulatory intervention. To date, more than half of regulation benefits of the Durbin amendment have now been eroded. 

In this video, CMSPI’s team lends their expertise to explain how the erosion of the Durbin amendment is impacting merchants in the U.S.

Our main goal with this study is to show that while CMSPI is able to drive savings and have a positive impact on a merchant's supply chain, we don't want to lose sight of the fact that many costs are continually increasing in other parts of a merchant's supply chain.

CJ Brown - Technical Consultant

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