CMSPI Volunteers With Atlanta Children’s Shelter

04th January 2018
Elley Frost
Elley Frost
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The holiday season often brings to mind images of cozy fires, the joy gifts bring to children, and relaxing and spending time with family and friends. Unfortunately, for some, this kind of holiday isn’t possible. That’s why this year, at CMSPI, our team joined forces with the Atlanta Children’s Shelter to help struggling Atlanta families to enjoy the holiday season.

Every year, the Atlanta Children’s Shelter hosts their “Holiday House” – an annual event where homeless families in Atlanta can come and choose from a collection of donated toys, blankets, and gifts. They then give these gifts to their friends and family members, creating an opportunity for many families who would otherwise be unable to give gifts.

Through internal fundraising, CMSPI raised several hundred dollars, which was used to purchase items suitable for all age groups, from infants to adults. After donating the items, our team volunteered at the Holiday House event, helping families find the perfect gift for their loved ones.

It was incredible to see moms and dads who are burdened with so much just get to come and enjoy themselves, relaxing in the knowledge that they can provide happiness and comfort for their families this year. Being fortunate enough to be able to give gifts to our family and friends is something we often take for granted, so we’re grateful to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter for the opportunity to get involved this year!

- Raya Mailloux, Office Manager
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