Case Studies

Here are a few examples of the projects we’ve completed with our clients.

CMSPI benchmarked the ecommerce approval rates and highlighted areas of underperformance.

This large convenience and fuel merchant engaged CMSPI to undertake a holistic review of their debit routing arrangements.

Our payments experts carried out a full benchmarking review, comparing the retailer’s ecommerce approval rates against a CMSPI control group.

Before engaging with CMSPI, the client thought its visibility over his payments arrangement was optimal. However, CMSPI identified several areas of inefficiencies and overcharging, whose reduction led to substantial savings.

After having generated savings internally, the client engaged CMSPI to conduct a review of their card processing costs. They were convinced that further savings were available by leveraging 3rd party expertise.

The overall process delivered a number of material benefits including a significant, annual seven-figure card processing cost reduction across the contract term with no internal operational impact.

A large national restaurant brand engaged CMSPI to perform a holistic review of its cash handling arrangements which resulted in multi-million dollar savings.

This eCommerce merchant was looking for processing and PSP suppliers to grow its global presence and accept local payment types across many new countries.

While working with this supermarket chain, CMSPI’s work achieved a substantial cost reduction and enhanced transparency over the contract term.

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