eCommerce Fashion Merchant

This client was looking for processing and PSP suppliers to grow its global presence and accept local payment types across many new countries.

This client is a large, onlineĀ  fashion and beauty merchant. Primarily aimed at young adults, it sells over 850 brands as well as its own range of clothing and accessories.

The client is a fast growing online fashion retailer focused on customer satisfaction and, as such, was looking for card processing and PSP suppliers to allow it to grow its global presence and accept local payment types across many new countries in Europe and ROW. Coupled with the desire to ensure that its fraud management solution grew in-line with the rest of the business, meant that a daunting prospect lay ahead for the client when trying to find and compare key suppliers across the global PSP, processing and fraud arena.

CMSPI Solution

CMSPI was engaged to work with the client after the initial RFI documentation had been distributed to suppliers to assist with the negotiation and comparison of over 15 supplier proposals. CMSPI produced detailed costs benefit analyzes of each of the bids including unique scoring criteria and matrices that allowed each of the internal stakeholders to understand the issues important to them and to be able to reach a mutually satisfactory decision on all aspects.

The client was able to make informed decisions on a complex supplier area that has enabled it to extend its payments reach across many more countries and payment types, improve its fraud management, each while keeping costs to a minimum.

Your understanding of each country's payment landscape and the in-depth analysis you and your team carried out on our current processes and costs, future strategies and the suitable suppliers within each country, enabled us to breakdown and compare multiple supplier bids, multiple payment types, across multiple continents in a logical and methodical manner. Your analysis and reports enabled us to identify areas of hidden costs and benefit, which allowed each of our stakeholders to fully understand the areas of concern to them so we could make informed and unified decisions.

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