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We built a purpose-driven advisory firm to help businesses get more out of their customers payments.

Every day, we are working to create a more productive global payments ecosystem because conducting business in an increasingly cashless world has created enormous opportunity… and enormous complexity.

Businesses are caught in the middle of an overly complex payments landscape, heightened consumer expectations, and rapidly shrinking margins. And in a payments ecosystem that is as complex and everchanging as it is opaque, understanding the nuances behind the infinite number of payments variables at play - let alone putting those variables in context - is a tremendous challenge.

With our vision to reshape the payments industry, our mission is to equip businesses with industry expertise, data-driven technology, and unrivaled visibility into industry data to achieve best-in-market results through more legitimate transactions, with less fraud, all at a marketing leading cost for the solutions provided. 

Our Values

Be Collaborative

Motivating, teaching, challenging & supporting. We're inclusive, diverse, and open-minded – we’re always stronger as a team.

Own It

Drive things forward, overcome obstacles, and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Be Bold & Have Fun

Energetic people who think big, are passionate about what we do, and most of all enjoy the journey.

Challenge the Status Quo

Curious, entrepreneurial people who seek to innovate and find new ways of doing things.

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3 Ways Retailers Are Losing Millions Through Their Checkout

While some merchants may have achieved marginal cost reductions or incremental sales through targeted interventions, in CMSPI’s experience, many of these merchants are still losing millions of customers and paying higher fees as a result; some may not be doing enough, others may be doing nothing at all, and some may be trusting their payments partners more than they should. The outcome: their payments strategy is not fully optimal.

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Insights Magazine - May 2022 Edition

The threat of fraud is hard to forecast and even harder to address. With more payment methods in customers’ wallets, increasing digital volumes, and demand for speedier checkouts, tackling fraud requires a balance between boosting approval rates, minimizing fraud losses, and avoiding false declines.

  • Blogs

The Top Five Tips on Payments Optimization

From the largest retailers in the U.S. to nascent upstarts, all merchants are suffering from high costs and lost customers due to inefficiencies in the payments supply chain. In this blog, CMSPI’s experts weigh-in on the biggest challenges facing all merchants and address the ways businesses can take back control of their costs, approval rates, and chargebacks.