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Debit routing - One of the biggest savings opportunity for @company@

Swipe fees are the 2nd or 3rd highest expense for merchants, but often these fees are overlooked when teams evaluate cost-saving opportunities. On this page we'll provide resources to help you understand why an optimized debit routing strategy is critical to business growth.

Credit card fees evolution

Everything you need to know about debit routing

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Introduction to Online Debit Routing & the Benefits of PINless Transactions

As the world continues to digitize, retailers are increasingly focusing on their ecommerce offer as the growth in online transactions accelerates.

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What does online debit routing look like?

As a result of the Durbin amendment's "no-network exclusivity" clause, merchants can route PIN debit transactions to the least cost network.

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What Is Debit Routing? A CMSPI Insights Infographic

The Durbin amendment to the Dodd Frank Act in 2011, the first meaningful regulation around payments costs in the U.S., saved merchants and consumers billions of dollars annually by introducing caps on interchange.

What factors can influence @company's debit routing strategy?

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