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In a highly complex, concentrated, and expensive payments system; CMSPI is the go-to advisory for leading merchants. We improve the productivity of payments arrangements by reducing costs and increasing profitability. Here you will find a sampling of resources that explain how CMSPI can help extract more value from your payments.

Why should I engage with CMSPI?

The Attack on Debit

While the Durbin Amendment provided significant relief from debit fees, a quiet war on those savings has been raging ever since. Between growing network fees, evolving interchange fees, penalties, tokenization, and tied-in services, the attack on debit is reaching an apogee. Our latest resources dive into these attacks and how the Fed's PINless clarification could bring new threats.

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Expert Insights by CMSPI

What clients say about CMSPI

CMSPI operated as an extension of Victoria’s Secret’s payments team, providing expertise and peace of mind in our payment arrangements. By leading negotiations on our behalf, CMSPI enabled Victoria’s Secret to significantly improve our debit routing incentives, driving high six-figure annual savings while maintaining our key payment strategy for stores. Working with CMSPI provided the assurance that every possible option was considered to maximize revenue. We would not hesitate to recommend CMSPI to any leading retailers looking to enhance their payments strategy.”

Victoria's Secret

In the first 12 months of our engagement with CMSPI, we've worked together to generate an improvement in our e-commerce approval rates across markets. CMSPI's ability to identify new opportunities in our data using their technology and implement solutions by working directly with our suppliers and issuing banks, was the key driver behind these improvements. 

We continue to collaborate with CMSPI to support our ambitious online growth strategy.

Danny Ryder

Chief Digital Officer at Lululemon

CMSPI is our "go-to-guy" for payments.

CMSPI helped us achieve six-figure savings across our stores in Europe in addition to savings we had identified internally. The results CMSPI produced went beyond our expectations and we have since engaged CMSPI further to review our North American arrangements. We now consider CMSPI to be our "go-to guys" on anything related to merchant payments.

Stephanie Derive

Treasury Director | ALDO

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