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September 05th 2023

Merchant Payment Fraud Solutions Leader Justin Staskiewicz Joins CMSPI

September 5, 2023 – CMSPI is pleased to announce Justin Staskiewicz as the new Head of Fraud Solutions.

Experienced merchant payments and fraud solutions leader Justin Staskiewicz has joined CMSPI- the go-to payments advisors for Global 500 merchants - as the Head of Fraud Solutions. Justin will work closely with CMSPI clients to enhance digital payment performance. 

Justin joins CMSPI from Restaurant Brands International (Burger King, Tim Horton’s, Popeye’s, and Firehouse Subs) where he led payment acceptance and fraud solutions. Also holding similar roles with Whataburger, Wendy’s, and Verizon.

Justin’s experience in fraud prevention spans a variety of merchant applications and fraud prevention categories from global markets, digital experiences, franchisee models and retailers to identify fraud, account takeover, business fraud and chargebacks. Justin brings to CMSPI a decade’s worth of diverse industry experience to educate and advise with. 

"Fraud prevention and fraud optimization are a continued focus for merchants right now. This is a rapidly evolving space where data and expertise are key, and I'm excited to help a large array of merchants in different verticals solve all types of challenges; false declines, chargeback and non-chargeback related losses as well as fine tuning fraud strategies and approaches. I love the passion and dedication CMSPI has as a company to better the payments landscape by working with merchants and their partners to maximize performance"


Head of Fraud Solutions

CMSPI welcomes Justin

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“Justin has been a trusted peer amongst the merchant community for many years, and he brings a wealth of industry knowledge to deepen CMSPI’s expertise in the digital and fraud arena. There's demand from merchants for actionable data, as well as real world experience in enhancing digital payments performance. Every company is looking to reduce costs, proactively tackle fraud, and perfect the end-to-end purchasing experience. Justin - armed with CMSPI's unique market insight and data platform - will be an incredible asset to our merchant partners."


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