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March 22nd 2023

Victoria's Secret Optimizes Debit Routing with CMSPI

Victoria's Secret partnered with consultancy firm CMSPI to review and optimize their debit routing strategy in order to find savings and reinvest them in other initiatives.


The Challenge

Victoria’s Secret is a household name around the world, and rightfully so. With over 800 stores in the US alone, it is the world’s largest Lingerie specialty retailer. The scale of their organization meant it was more challenging to maintain control of one of their largest cost items - payments. As a multibillion-dollar organization, they knew that in order to keep scaling with economic pressures on the horizon, they would have to review their payments holistically and partner with a consultancy with expertise in working with similar merchants.

The Solution

Victoria’s Secret partnered with CMSPI to audit their payment arrangements and find savings with the objective of reinvesting those savings back into other initiatives. Victoria’s Secret chose CMSPI as their partner due to their data and technology driven consultative approach and vast experience across the retail sector.

CMSPI conducted a holistic review of Victoria Secret’s current debit arrangements using its proprietary debit optimization tool to understand:

  • The profile of each debit transaction
  • The options on where each could be routed
  • The costs involved
  • The potential for optimization

The Outcome

CMSPI engaged multiple debit networks, across both global and domestic brands, and helped the Victoria's Secret team build a debit incentive strategy that aligned with their core business objectives. Using its proprietary debit optimization tool, data insights, and expertise, CMSPI enabled the Victoria’s Secret team to get the most out of their debit arrangements.


"CMSPI operated as an extension of Victoria’s Secret’s payments team, providing expertise and peace of mind in our payment arrangements.

By leading negotiations on our behalf, CMSPI enabled Victoria’s Secret to significantly improve our debit routing incentives, driving high six-figure annual savings while maintaining our key payment strategy for stores.

Working with CMSPI provided the assurance that every possible option was considered to maximize revenue. We would not hesitate to recommend CMSPI to any leading retailers looking to enhance their payments strategy."

- Victoria's Secret