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Insights from Payments Influencers: Priorities of Leading Merchants in Today's Economic Climate

The CMSPI monthly townhall is a virtual forum designed to bring awareness of the key issues, trends & analysis to trade bodies, merchant advocates and retailers.


March 29th

12-1pm EST

What are leading merchants prioritizing in today’s economic climate, and why? Join us on March 29th for an expert panel with payments influencers including:

- John Drechny, CEO, Merchant Advisory Group
- Julie Fergerson, CEO, Merchant Risk Council
- Laura Lively, Executive Director, PaymentsEd Forum Association
- Christian Johnson, Global Advocacy Manager, CMSPI
- Alex Ellwood, SVP of Marketing, CMSPI (Moderator)

We’ll discuss what concerns they hear about most frequently from leading merchants, the areas of education that are top priority, and why other merchants should take notice now. 

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Discussion Topics:

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    Debit & PINless Routing - What is the opportunity? How is the landscape evolving?

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    Tokenization - What are the pros and cons of each type of tokenization solution? How do merchants calculate the business case?

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    Online retry strategy/network rules

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    The benefits of multi-acquiring and multi-partner management

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    MIT/Subscription billing challenges

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    Alternative forms of payments and the probability of creating a competitive landscape

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    Regulators involvement in the payments industry

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