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Boost sales & get more 'good' customers through the checkout

In today’s competitive retail environment, businesses need to do everything they can to provide a positive customer experience. The crucial final hurdle of any sale – the checkout – is quickly becoming the biggest make-or-break battleground.


After a customer clicks pay - what goes wrong?

One of the biggest differentiators among retailers that makes-or-breaks customer loyalty happens the moment after they click pay. While the payment is being processed, there are several parties making instantaneous decisions on whether it should be accepted or declined. There is a lot that can go wrong in this process; in fact, ‘false declines’ are far more common than merchants know; CMSPI estimates that 1 in 5 transaction declines online are false, and leave behind a trail of loyal customers who may go to make their purchase with a competitor.

Increase transaction success while reducing friction for customers

CMSPI works with businesses to stop them losing lifetime customers. Our advisors help optimize your ecommerce and mcommerce operations by benchmarking your payments performance against similar companies, identifying disconnects, and then working with your payments supply chain to reduce chargebacks, correct falsely declined transactions, and more. This means a significant uplift in sales and 'good' customers aren't blocked when they hit pay due to issues in your payments supply chain.

We use data & technologies to help businesses make smarter decisions & supercharge performance

Stop losing out on 'good' customers, boost revenues, and make smarter decisions. CMSPI’s proprietary revenue optimization tool gives you full visibility into the performance of your payments supply chain. By integrating all data points in your payments ecosystem - stores, regions, payment types, and more - you have the ability to not only identify broken links in your payments supply chain, but also identify the path to resolution.

What clients say about CMSPI

CMSPI is our "go-to-guy" for payments.

CMSPI helped us achieve six-figure savings across our stores in Europe in addition to savings we had identified internally. The results CMSPI produced went beyond our expectations and we have since engaged CMSPI further to review our North American arrangements. We now consider CMSPI to be our "go-to guys" on anything related to merchant payments.

Stephane Derive

Stephane Derive

Treasury Director | ALDO

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Prashani Samaraweera

Alex Ellwood

SVP, Marketing & Insights

"Our clients receive 3x the value 3x faster. CMSPI uses proprietary technologies, data insights and sophisticated benchmarking capabilities to identify all areas of opportunity for your business."

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