Monthly Townhall – Payments Insights & Trends for Merchant Advocates

Event Date: 08.25.2021
Alex Ellwood
Alex Ellwood

Next Session Date: August 25th, 2021

CMSPI Monthly ‘Townhall’ is a virtual forum focused on payments acceptance – designed to bring awareness of the key issues, trends & analysis to trade bodies, merchant advocates and retailers alike.


The pandemic has not only accelerated change in the payments mix, but also widened the cracks in a slightly broken payments industry. Hence, we are hosting a monthly ‘townhall’ to present the data we see on a daily, weekly and monthly basis; ongoing trends we see across the industry; and impact analysis/figures.

Made exclusively for merchants, trade bodies, and advocates, this forum is devised to drive dialogue about the key issues in the payments market, education, and actionable insights.

The monthly townhall sessions are a great way for large merchants, trade bodies and advocates to get together to talk about some of the key issues in the market. There's always something to learn in such an ever-changing industry.

Alex Ellwood - Head of Advocacy

How to Register

The forum will take place on the last Wednesday of each month at 12pm – 1pm ET via Zoom – you can also dial in via telephone.

To register, please contact our Head of Advocacy, Alex Ellwood, at

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