SCA Merchant Forum

Event Date: 07.01.2020
George Willis
George Willis

If you haven’t received an update on SCA since last year, it’s likely you’re missing out on critical information.

With new SCA requirements, European merchants are facing huge losses in revenue from abandoned and declined transactions – up to €247 billion over the next 5 years – if they are not prepared. It is important to note the final deadline for SCA in Europe – December 2020 – is not the only deadline: hitting the various milestones throughout the year is going to be crucial.

Worryingly, information from the industry has been infrequent, confusing and – at times – contradictory. So, how can merchants prepare and protect their online revenue? As part of a UK Finance Working Group, we’re supporting merchants to stay up to date on SCA, while representing the merchant community and raising your concerns to the group to make real change.

That’s why we started our SCA Merchant Forum, to help merchants get ready for these deadlines. With a monthly call and newsletter, merchants and merchant advocates can stay in the loop, have insightful discussions and receive accurate information on optimising solutions – right where it all happens.

Join over 100 merchants for frequent, reliable updates on what your business needs to be doing now to prepare.

Why join our SCA Merchant Forum?

  • Get the latest SCA updates and information from a trusted source
  • Have your voice heard by regulators
  • Share insights, problems and solutions with your merchant peers
  • Get your questions answered by experts

What do members get?

  • Monthly forum held via webinar (on the first Wednesday of every month)
  • Q&A with our SCA experts
  • Monthly newsletter with essential updates

We have calculated that in the 12 months following SCA implementation, there will be an additional €68bn of abandoned and declined transactions. Following the delay of SCA roll-out, CMSPI has created the SCA Merchant Forum to inform, educate and provide merchants with a voice.

George Willis, Head of Global Business Development
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