More Costly Network Fees Are Coming…

19th October 2018
Callum Godwin
Callum Godwin

CMSPI estimates that network fee increases from Visa, effective in January and April 2019, are set to cost U.S. merchants $570m annually.

January is fast approaching, so merchants must act now to ensure they fully understand the impact these increases will have on their business and operations. If this feels like the same story over and over again, you’re right, but we can’t stress enough the importance of being prepared, understanding what’s to come, and having a plan to mitigate against these increases.

These fees are going to be costly for many merchants across a variety of different industries, especially those accepting international payments. The networks are continually chipping away at any regulatory benefits and it won't be long before Durbin has been completely circumvented.

Callum Godwin | Chief Economist

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Concerned about these new fees?