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Payments Intelligence is the only publication solely focused on analyzing the payments industry from a merchants perspective – bringing you news, insight and opinion from around the globe.

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Payments Intelligence December 2019

Topics: Data Analytics | FTC Inquiry | EMV Industry

The power of data. We investigate the FTC inquiry into debit routing and the upcoming EMV liability shift.

Payments Intelligence August 2019

Topics: Co-Badging | Consolidation | Frameworks

We take a close look at consolidation in the payments market - including recent deals by FIS, Fiserv and Global Payments.

Payments Intelligence May 2019

Topics: Contactless | SRC | Debit Routing

We take a look at contactless payments, Secure Remote Commerce, and the three i's of debit routing.

Payments Intelligence January 2019

Topics: Network Fees | SRC | WeChat/Ali Pay

We breakdown network fees imposed on merchants since the Durbin amendment was introduced in 2011.

Payments Intelligence October 2018

Topics: Brink's-Dunbar | PINless | Cash Costs

We examine whether competition the cash industry in the U.S. is running on empty.

Payments Intelligence May 2018

Topics: IPRF | Regulation | Interchange Reform

This edition highlights the importance of collaboration in the industry if a better payments landscape is on the horizon.

Payments Intelligence January 2018

Topics: PINless Debit | RTP Market | ATM Networks

PINless debit routing solutions - the $2 billion question merchants should answer...

Payments Intelligence November 2017

Topics: Vantiv-Worldpay | Durbin | Future of Cash

The global payments race is underway - Vantiv and Worldpay are first off the mark.

Payments Intelligence June 2017

Topics: Cash in the U.S. | Economics & Regulation

We investigate where next for the U.S. cash industry?

Payments Intelligence March 2017

Topics: Reform | Debit Routing | Credit Regulation

We take a look at whether the Durbin amendment is on the right track?