Infographic: Brink’s-Dunbar Acquisition, Top 5 Considerations for Merchants

21st June 2018
Richard Kyne
Richard Kyne

Last week, as part of our ongoing analysis into consolidation in the cash industry, we looked at the potential benefits and challenges of the announced intention of The Brink’s Company (“Brink’s) to acquire Dunbar Armored Inc (“Dunbar”). Brink’s aims to expand its customer base as part of the $520 million deal – taking advantage of Dunbar’s small to medium sized merchant and financial institution customers.

Although the deal will not be finalized until the end of 2018, it is important with any major market changes, to proactively address what this means for your business as early as possible. These changes will impact the cash industry collectively, but it is particularly important for merchants who are currently in contract with either Brink’s or Dunbar to fully understand the impact these changes will have.

Top 5 Considerations For Merchants Affected by the Brink’s/Dunbar Acquisition

In Summary

CMSPI supports a market that is thriving with competition – merchants should have the choice on the solutions that work best for their individual stores. The Brink’s acquisition of Dunbar still needs to be approved by regulatory and competition authorities, but merchants should act early and review their current cash management processes. This proactive approach will ensure your cash arrangements are market-leading.

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