Infographic: Managing The Complexities of Your Cash Supply Chain

03rd April 2018
Elley Frost
Elley Frost

The costs of cash management are rising rapidly, and mitigating these increases by implementing efficient internal and external processes, optimizing your cash pickup and delivery schedules, and negotiating market-leading contracts and SLAs is more important than ever.

You can’t control many of the factors which affect your cost of accepting, storing and processing cash, but it’s not all bad news. Top-performing merchants ensure that cash operations are optimized by getting the basics right. CMSPI calculates that efficient merchants are able to operate on cost bases that are up to 50% lower than their peers, which means they often benefit from significant six and seven-figure sums each year.

We’ve highlighted three key areas that merchants looking to maintain a competitive advantage in the industry and lower their costs of cash management must consider.

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