White paper: How Top-Performing Merchants Are Getting Cash Management Right

25th January 2018
Richard Kyne
Richard Kyne

There can be little debate that cash transactions are in decline. The economies of scale provided by processing large volumes of notes will no longer mitigate the otherwise high fixed costs of accepting cash as a payment method.

However, cash won’t die out before it becomes too disproportionately expensive for merchants to accept … or ignore. As long as consumers still have a $1 bill in their pocket, they will want to have the option to pay with it.

This puts merchants in a tricky position, being hit by a double whammy of falling volumes and rising costs. The relative cost of cash for merchants is set to soar as a result of a simultaneous combination of increasing costs and decreasing volumes. The inevitable result is that merchants will need to review their cash strategy.

We have written this white paper based on our experiences of helping merchants define their cash strategy, operate with maximum efficiency, and become top-performers.

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