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Bite Size Payments Insights: A CMSPI Podcast

The payments industry is both complex and ever-changing. With new regulations, rising costs, and an increasingly essential customer experience to consider, retailers need to stay informed.

From retail trends to regulation updates, we cover it all in our Retail Relay podcast. By bringing unique visibility into trends across different industries and channels, we dissect the complexities into digestible insights. If you want to learn about all things payments, you’re in the right place.

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#8: Interchange Litigation Supreme Court Findings, Explained For The Merchant Community

Looking at the key findings from the judgement.

#7: Financial Performance of Payments Suppliers & What It Means For Retailers

Topics: Share Prices Of Payments Suppliers

Looking at various players in the card, cash and APM space.

#6: Looking Into The Future & The Next Generation Of Payments

Topics: Forecast | Open Banking

Our bull and bear forecast and insights into open banking.

#5: Innovative Payment Methods & Why Are Payments Costs Rising?

Topics: Cost Implications | Innovative Payments

Featuring costs special and new emerging payment methods.

#4: The Ecom Shift & Is Contactless A Success?

Topics: Contactless Trend | Overall Impacts

We look at the short- and long-term impacts on the industry.

#3: Current Fee Regulation & Cash Trends

Topics: Continued Recovery | Cash Trend | Regulation

We look at the influence on cash and payments regulations.

#2: Shift to a Cashless World

Topics: Contactless | Buy Now Pay Later | Cashless

Latest trends in consumer spending, contactless, Buy Now Pay Later, and cashless payment methods.

#1: Early Impacts of the Pandemic

Topics: Trends | Online Spending | Merchant Impact

We explore the numerous complexities, opportunities and challenges that come with recent changes.

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