Retail Relay

Payments Insights from the Pandemic: A CMSPI Weekly Podcast

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has made the world of retail almost unrecognizable – but what trends and changes are we seeing in the way consumers pay? Retail Relay is your weekly, bite-sized update into the latest spending trends from a range of industries. With access to global payments data, we can tell you what really is happening in retail.

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#5: Innovative Payment Methods & Why Are Payments Costs Rising?

Topics: Cost Implications | Innovative Payments

Featuring costs special and new emerging payment methods.

#4: The Ecom Shift & Is Contactless A Success?

Topics: Contactless Trend | Overall Impacts

We look at the short- and long-term impacts on the industry.

#3: Current Fee Regulation & Cash Trends

Topics: Continued Recovery | Cash Trend | Regulation

We look at the influence on cash and payments regulations.

#2: Shift to a Cashless World

Topics: Contactless | Buy Now Pay Later | Cashless

Latest trends in consumer spending, contactless, Buy Now Pay Later, and cashless payment methods.

#1: Early Impacts of the Pandemic

Topics: Trends | Online Spending | Merchant Impact

We explore the numerous complexities, opportunities and challenges that come with recent changes.

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