We help our clients save millions of dollars every year.
Here is an overview of our core services.

Card Services

CMSPI will holistically review your card arrangements, making sure each element of your supply chain is working for your unique business requirements.

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Cash Services

CMSPI can breakdown your current cost of cash and confidentially benchmark each component against our extensive client base and industry knowledge, specific to your industry.

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FX & International Services

Additional income streams are becoming increasingly important to merchants of all sizes. Merchants who optimise their FX arrangements will make a substantial impact on their bottom line.

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Approval Rates & Fraud

Using our unique proprietary software and vast pools of data, CMSPI can independently benchmark your current approval and fraud rates to highlight areas for improvement in your supply chain.

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Research & Advocacy

CMSPI can provide expert knowledge in a wide range of environments, including: litigation support; economic analysis and commentary; business case guidance; and in-depth industry reports.

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PIN Debit Optimization

CMSPI analyzes merchants’ current PIN debit routing arrangements and, using our in-house PIN debit software, can create custom routing arrangements to best benefit our clients and their bottom lines.

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