Approval Rates and Fraud

Merchants that maximize approval rates, while minimizing fraud,
can increase their sales and gain an advantage over their competitors.

1 in 5 declined transactions is made by a genuine customer with sufficient means to pay: a “false decline”. When these customers are declined, over 50% will take their business to a competitor.

Many merchants believe that these poor approval rates are caused by their own internal set up, and that their suppliers are unable to help reduce false declines. This is rarely the case.

Using our unique proprietary software and vast pools of data, CMSPI can independently benchmark your current approval and fraud rates to highlight areas for improvement in your supply chain. By engaging with your suppliers, we can support you to fully realize these potential benefits – ensuring your sales are maximized and your customers have a positive experience.

Benefits of Working with CMSPI

Independent Verification

Our industry-standard calculations can expose your true approval and fraud rates.

Additional Revenue

Optimizing your supply chain can boost your top line.


Our benchmarking spans all processor solutions, meaning they are truly best-in-class.


We lead issuer and processor engagement to ensure your payments supply chain is market-leading.

Areas of Our Approval and Fraud Services

Approval Rates

Understand and benchmark your approval rates and realize improvements through supply chain engagement.

Chargebacks and Fraud

Benchmark your fraud rates against your peers and ensure your fraud strategy is fully optimized.

Retry Strategy

Optimize your retry strategy to increase approval, including benchmarking of successful retry rates.

Supplier Comparisons

Track and compare your supplier performance using Vizion and use the insights to make strategic decisions.

Supply Chain Engagement

We provide independent benchmarking analysis to your suppliers to help them improve their performance.

Decline Code Analysis

We compare your decline code profile against similar merchants and suggest potential fixes to problems you are facing.

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