Card Services

CMSPI holistically reviews your card arrangements, ensuring each element of your supply chain is working for your unique business requirements.

Obtaining full visibility of your card arrangements is a complex and time-consuming task for any merchant. With so many facets to consider – card processing relationships, network fees, PIN and PINless debit routing solutions, PSP, and fraud management (to name just a few) – it’s difficult for merchants to know where to spend internal resources.

Optimizing interchange fees (while important) is often the primary focus of card payment professionals, leaving many other important aspects neglected. CMSPI holistically reviews your card arrangements, ensuring each element of your card supply chain is working for your unique business requirements. Our analysts benchmark each component against our extensive client base, specific to your industry, giving you peace of mind your arrangements are optimized and market-leading.

Benefits of Working With CMSPI


Transparency of underlying costs and margins, and accurate industry benchmarks.

Minimal Resource

You keep executive control throughout, with little internal resource needed from you.

Tailored Solutions

We deliver future-proofed, client-focused solutions unique to your needs.

Cost Saving

We regularly save our clients substantial six and seven-figures amounts annually.

Areas of Our Card Services

Card Processing

Processors can generate profits margins in excess of 40%, so it's important to understand the underlying costs and profit your processor is generating from your account.

Interchange Optimization

Interchange is often the most significant cost of card acceptance for merchants so even minor changes can have a significant benefit to your overall costs.

PSP/Gateway Solution

Payment gateways are not a one-size-fits-all solution, and who you work with has significant implications on areas various areas of your business.

PIN/PINless Debit Routing

CMSPI has developed in-house software to optimize your routing arrangements and maximize your bottom line.

Alternative Payments

It's important to regularly conduct a thorough cost-benefit analysis on your alternative payment methods to account for new players entering the market.

Fraud Screening

High fraud levels can be damaging. Our team will work with you to develop the optimal strategy for your business and ensure you are using fraud screening solutions intelligently.

Your analysis and reports enabled us to identify areas of hidden costs and benefit, which allowed each of our stakeholders to fully understand the areas of concern to them so we could make informed and unified decisions.

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