PIN Debit Optimization

PIN debit routing solutions have become increasingly sophisticated and dynamic, with merchants now believing they are optimized. However, many still lack visibility – costing millions of dollars a year in bottom line savings.

Introduced back in 2011, PIN debit routing was made available to merchants by the Durbin amendment’s No Network Exclusivity (NNE) clause. The clause aimed to create competition between the networks by guaranteeing at least two mutually exclusive debit networks were available on each card. Using a processor’s PIN debit routing solution, merchants are now able to route their transactions via a choice of networks with more competitive rates.

While many card processors claim to offer optimal routing tools, these arrangements are often flawed. Some of the largest card processors own debit networks, with many choosing to route transactions down their own networks to benefit themselves. Processors may also have network incentives in place, and, as a result, may be using transactions to fulfill their quotas.

CMSPI analyzes merchants’ current PIN debit routing arrangements and, using our in-house PIN debit software, can create custom routing arrangements to best benefit our clients and their bottom lines. Don’t blindly trust your processor’s solution – audit your routing to ensure your costs are truly minimized.

Benefits of Working With CMSPI


As an independent consultancy, we are not influenced by behind-the-scenes network incentives or other conflicts of interest.

Tailored Solutions

We create custom PIN debit arrangements and update them as the market changes.


With over 28 years of industry knowledge, we’re experienced at optimizing and negotiating market-leading agreements.

Cost Savings

Achieve 7 to 8 figures annually: without needing to change processor or disrupt relationships with suppliers.

Areas of Our PIN Debit Optimization Services

Optimal Routing Arrangements

Assess where PIN debit transactions are currently being routed and create a new routing order to reduce the overall costs of PIN debit transactions, for both Durbin regulated and exempt transactions.

PIN Debit Uptake

Maximizing PIN dDebit uptake can significantly affect overall interchange spend. Our team will work with you to optimize your uptake and drive value out of your debit arrangements.

Network Incentives

We can approach debit networks on your behalf to negotiate incentivized network rates to reduce costs.

PIN Debit Audit

We work to ensure all PIN debit networks charges are being billed correctly, and any PIN debit arrangements in place are beneficial for you.

PIN/PINless Debit Implementation

If you’re not currently accepting PIN/PINless debit, we can quantify the value of adding PIN debit capabilities and consult throughout implementation.

Continual Optimization

We update your PIN debit routing order to reflect network rate changes and industry trends.

We recently completed a card processing RFP project with CMSPI across our entire U.S. brand and were very pleased with the results delivered. CMSPI managed the process throughout, breaking down our card processing fees, tokenization and encryption costs, PIN debit savings opportunity, and highlighting areas where our arrangements could be improved. I would not hesitate to recommend CMSPI to any merchant looking to improve their payment processing arrangements.

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