We recently completed a card processing RFP project with CMSPI across our entire U.S. brand and were very pleased with the results delivered.  CMSPI managed the process throughout, breaking down our card processing fees, tokenization and encryption costs, PIN debit savings opportunity, and highlighting areas where our arrangements could be improved.

CMSPI worked closely with both our corporate stakeholders and franchise association member representatives, balancing numerous operational complexities and managing our expectations throughout.  CMSPI demonstrated during the initial presentation that we could benefit from substantial savings on our card processing arrangements with even greater savings once PIN debit is implemented. I’m pleased to say that the card processing project has finished, and that CMSPI has delivered on the savings promised, and I’m confident the PIN debit savings will exceed expectations once it is fully rolled out.

I would not hesitate to recommend CMSPI to any merchant looking to improve their payment processing arrangements and will definitely look to continue our relationship with the CMSPI team going forwards.

Ross Nell
Vice President, Tax and Treasurer
Work With The Payments Experts