Vizion by CMSPI

Our customized dashboard gives you ongoing
insight into the costs and trends that matter most to you.

Vizion by CMSPI is an interactive payments dashboard that gives merchants insight into trends throughout their entire estate.

Understanding and reconciling invoices and reports across a multinational supply chain is complex. Teasing trends and patterns from those reports can be impossible. Vizion removes that complexity and makes viewing and understanding your cash and card data easy.

With access to accurate information about your estate, you can make decisions that improve your arrangements and keep you at the fore-front of your industry. Vizion is fully customizable to show you the details that are most important to your business and operations, saving you time and internal resource. This unique problem-solving tool is used by some of the largest retailers across North America to monitor trends, benchmark against industry peers, standardize and reconcile data, track new initiatives, audit SLAs, and compare variables throughout your estate.


Benefits of Vizion Software

Totally Customizable

Completely customizable to reflect your key objectives and goals

Better Visibility

Get unrivaled visibility of your estate by site, country, brand or supplier

Deeper Insights

Reconcile and understand your data complexities in a way that isn't possible using raw data

How Does Vizion Work?

Vizion pulls your raw data from across your supply chain and presents it in a user-friendly, interactive format. The interactive charts and tables allow you to drill down by supplier, country, region, or even on an individual site-by-site basis. This unrivaled visibility will put you in the best position to make informed decisions about your payments arrangements.

Vizion answers the questions you already have about your profile and brings to light ones you hadn’t even considered yet. Ever wondered if your network and assessment fees are in line with expected industry averages? Vizion can help. Want to benchmark your chargeback rates, average transaction values, and DCC hit rates against your peers? Vizion can help. Need to track your acceptance rates by supplier and compare against your contract goals? Vizion can help.

Key Features of the Vizion Software

Competitor Analysis

Peer-to-peer comparisons with relevant industry competitors to ensure your arrangements are market-leading.

In-depth Audit

Audit fees across your entire supply chain and compare your expected vs actual costs.

Acceptance Rate Tracking

Monitor acceptance rates across your supply chain and compare against contract goals.

Monitor Initiatives

Monitor new initiatives including POS contactless technology or a new armored transport schedule.

Franchisee Analysis

Compare and track franchisee performance levels on a store-by-store basis.

Reconcile and Standardize

Collate and compare payment type reports from global and domestic suppliers in one place.

Our easy to use software allows merchants to understand fees, payment trends, and historical data in a way that just isn’t possible when looking at raw data or reports obtained from your suppliers. By utilizing Vizion and CMSPI’s ongoing payments support and advice, you will understand your true costs, easily identify misallocation of fees, and make informed decisions about each and every site in your estate.

Jordan Pierce | Payments Analyst and Vizion Specialist
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