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Digital and Recurring Merchant Achieves Big Payments Cost Savings With CMSPI

After the successful completion of an audit and RFP, our experts are now focused on highlighting opportunities to drive incremental revenue growth.

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Airline Unlocks Savings and Reduces Payments Costs with CMSPI

Our experts continue to support the client with insights into upcoming payments industry changes – partnering closely with their internal team.

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Digital & Subscription Business Maximizes CNP Payments Performance with CMSPI

The merchant continues to work with us to monitor its performance and highlight new areas of opportunities to keep them ahead of the curve.

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Blog May 27th 2022

Card Costs Soar as European Retailers Feel the Heat from Inflation

April 2022 saw inflation hit a record high of 7.5% in the Eurozone – the market caught between ongoing energy crises, slashed economic growth forecasts, and widespread supply chain disruption. But as retailers’ margins are crunched in all directions, is the same true of their payments partners?
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Blog March 14th 2023

The End of Maestro Could Signal Cost Increases for European Merchants

In 2021, European retailers heard the news: Maestro, Mastercard’s pan-European debit brand, will be retired in July 2023.¹ 

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Blog July 6th 2022

A Letter to the C-Suite: Your Checkout is Costing You Millions Every Year

In today’s competitive retail environment, businesses and their CEOs need to do everything they can to get ahead of their peers.

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Blog July 12th 2022

Are Scheme Fees Really Non-Negotiable?

With many merchants paying different scheme fees to their competitors, CMSPI dives into reality of pass-through costs.

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