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CMSPI is the advisory firm that finance, payments and fraud teams turn to when they want to boost performance, make data-driven decisions, and eliminate ambiguity in their payments arrangements.

Supercharging Payments Performance

In an overly opaque and complex payments landscape, it's more important than ever to strike the balance between maximising revenue, minimising fraud, and reducing the cost of your payments arrangements. That's where CMSPI comes in, bringing you the context and expertise needed to supercharge the performance of your payments arrangements...enabling you to supercharge your payments productivity.

What clients and partners say about CMSPI

Marks and Spencer

"CMSPI was an invaluable partner for us in ensuring that we were not only prepared but also optimized for SCA implementation. CMSPI’s analysis, benchmarking and independent advice allowed us to identify areas of opportunity and develop a market-leading strategy to optimize the customer experience. Their guidance in interpreting the regulatory changes and mapping out the impact on M&S provided insight into sales potentially at risk for abandonment and failure. In addition, CMSPI worked directly with our providers to ensure alignment across the supply-chain. By working with CMSPI, we were able to implement a strategy to significantly reduce potential sales losses. I would recommend them to any business looking to optimize its digital payments processes."

Oliver Steeley

Head of Payments


“CMSPI's involvement with Douglas' payments optimistaion journey has been invaluable. I really appreciate CMSPI's way of providing my team with assistance on our #passionforpayment journey. Their huge data base that is being used to find savings potentials and build up benchmarks, is consistently impressive."

Laura Treude

Head of International Payment

British Retail Consortium

"Over the years, CMSPI has provided valuable insights and data on the latest in retail payments to our members. CMSPI regularly informs the BRC community on industry topics shaping the payments landscape that are most relevant to our retailers, including upcoming card fee changes, regulation, SCA, and BNPL. CMSPI's support has played a vital role in our mission of making a positive difference in the retail community."

Tom Ironside

Director - Business and Regulation


"CMSPI’s deep payments knowledge was invaluable in building our payments strategy across Europe. With their data and insights, we were equipped with all the tools we needed to make the right decisions. We benefitted from significant savings in the short-term, while building the right foundation for a long-term strategy towards an integrated omnichannel payments supply chain."

Jochen Probst

Jochen Probst

TECH Domain Lead Selling & Markets Domain


"CMSPI fully managed and resourced a full RFP process for both our gateway and card acquiring providers, as well as providing insight and supporting direct negotiations with other third-party suppliers on our behalf. These projects both resulted in Ocado benefiting from a large six-figure savings amount annually. Our operations are complex as we work internationally and are expanding rapidly – CMSPI was able to understand these complexities and help identify best fit partners capable of implementing a solution that not only works for us now, but will continue to fit our arrangements as we grow. The ongoing support from the CMSPI team has been great, and they have helped identify charging errors and misapplied pass through costs in our old and new contracts which we continue to negotiate and optimise. We are thrilled with the cost reductions we have achieved, as well as the improved payments solutions and enhanced terms from our suppliers and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend CMSPI to other retailers."

Richard Exact

Director of Finance and Risk

What We Think

Prashani Samaraweera

Brendan Doyle


"Our mission is all about making payments more productive and therefore – most importantly - helping our clients be successful and grow their businesses."

Prashani Samaraweera

Joshua Pynn

Strategic Insights Consultant

"Joining the business in the academy allowed me to truly find my niche within the company. Today, I have been able to carve out a unique role as a result of my experience within the academy."

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