In the dynamic world of travel and booking, merchants face numerous payment challenges like no other industry.

Dealing with complexities like cross-border payments, navigating holdbacks, third-party involvement, expensive international payments, and managing refunds and cancellations are significant hurdles when determining the best and most optimal payment strategy. All of this, while also maintaining lucrative and often business-critical co-brand partnerships with payment firms.

This is where CMSPI comes in. With our unparalleled market visibility, the CMSPI platform, and specialist expertise, we partner with airlines, travel and booking merchants to harness the power of payments data in navigating a highly complex industry. With our experts working as an extension of your team, we collaboratively deliver impactful savings, sales growth, and enhanced strategies.

Client Stories

Forensic Cost of Payments Review Leads to Impactful Savings

A large, U.S. based airline, experiencing rapidly accelerating growth, partnered with our experts to conduct a review of their cost of payments acceptance.

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Airline Unlocks Savings and Reduces Payments Costs with CMSPI

Our experts continue to support the client with insights into upcoming payments industry changes – partnering closely with their internal team.

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Our industry specialists

Robbie MacDiarmid

VP, Payments Consulting

Sydney, Australia

Robbie is an expert on the future of payments and specializes in all things digital.

Sam Appleby

Director, Business Development

Manchester, UK

Sam has over 20 years’ experience in the payments industry and works with merchants across the globe.

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