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As the world’s leading payments consultancy, we work with hundreds of Global 500 merchants, saving them millions every year. We collaborate with you and your partners to harness the power of data in order to maximise payments supply chain performance, all with the goal of increasing the profitability of every transaction.

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Delivering High Impact Savings For A Prominent APAC Retailer

A prominent pharmacy retailer in Australia and New Zealand, operating a substantial network of over 500 stores, was focused on maximizing their customer experience while maintaining the lowest transaction costs.

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CMSPI Secures Big Savings for a Leading Retail Grocer

By partnering with our payments experts, this leading grocery chain will achieve over $40m in savings through debit negotiations, PIN and PINless savings and processing cost reductions.

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Making Data Deliver eCommerce Growth for a Large International Apparel Retailer

Our team achieved significant cost savings and accelerated growth by harnessing the power of data through Smarter Payments Intelligence.

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Blog July 27th 2020

Australia’s Routing Opportunity Worth $500m to Merchants

Australian merchants could be missing out on over AUD500 million every year due to overpaying on card fees for contactless debit transactions, according to estimates: and this is only going to rise as the contactless limit – and consumers’ desire to pay without contact – grows.
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Blog November 22nd 2022

False Declines, Outages, Fraud: Avoiding a Payments Storm This Peak Season

To wrap up our short 3-part fraud series, CMSPI reviews how merchants can avoid a trio of payments nightmares this holiday season.

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Videos October 17th 2022

The Australian Reserve Bank Announces Least Cost Routing for Digital Wallets

In this Retail Payments Talk, Athena Zhang and Brad Kelly discuss the RBA’s recent announcement of Least Cost Routing for Digital Wallets in Australia.

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Blog June 10th 2022

Could Eftpos Bring Competition To Online Routing In Australia?

Amidst soaring inflation and record levels of digital commerce , news of the local debit scheme’s foray into the online environment could signal a much-needed competitive boost for Australian merchants. But will eftpos offer the antidote to inflation-fueled interchange fees? And are the country’s merchants ready to take advantage of it?

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