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CMSPI is the advisory firm that finance, payments and fraud teams turn to when they want to boost performance, make data-driven decisions, and eliminate ambiguity in their payments arrangements.

Supercharging Payments Performance

In an overly opaque and complex payments landscape, it's more important than ever to strike the balance between maximising revenue, minimising fraud, and reducing the cost of your payments arrangements. That's where CMSPI comes in, bringing you the context and expertise needed to supercharge the performance of your payments arrangements...enabling you to supercharge your payments productivity.

What clients say about CMSPI

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“Using CMSPI’s proprietary analytical tools and data insights, the team were able to identify cost discrepancies and ensure we were driving maximal value out of our payments supply chain. Their experts worked with us to deliver significant cost savings within weeks of engaging which we realised within our financial year.

CMSPI’s expertise has continued beyond this initial review to support us in our long-term payment strategy, bringing together stakeholders from our Finance, Marketing, IT and Operations teams to identify which payment solutions were right for our unique requirements.

As part of our expansion into new markets, CMSPI’s connected us to and negotiated with all relevant payments partners. This streamlined the payment acceptance process for our new business at rates we could be confident in saying were market-leading. The value and expertise CMSPI brings is integral to our ongoing strategy and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any merchant looking to drive more value out of their payments setup.”

Patrick King

Patrick King

Strategy & Special Projects Manager


“Having seen the tremendous benefits gained by Subway Franchisees in other parts of the world, IPC Asia Pacific first engaged CMSPI in 2020 to support our payments strategy. Since then they have helped us run multiple RFP processes across APAC and domestically in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, delivering significant cost savings and top-line benefits for franchisees. 

CMSPI’s work has allowed us to provide continued cost savings to franchisees through payment initiatives, as well as maintain a market-leading strategy outside of cost reduction, and identify & deliver on the implementation of new payment methods that can be offered to our customers, while maintaining optimal profitability.”

Jules Hayman

Jules Hayman

Director of Marketing & Commerce


“In the first 12 months of our engagement with CMSPI, we’ve worked together to generate an improvement in our e-commerce approval rates across markets. CMSPI’s ability to identify new opportunities in our data using their technology and implement solutions by working directly with our suppliers and issuing banks, was the key driver behind these improvements. We continue to collaborate with CMSPI to support our ambitious online growth strategy.”

Danny Ryder

Danny Ryder

Chief Digital Officer

Compass Group

"Deciding to bring on CMSPI was one of the best decisions we have made for the company. The level of expertise and professionalism is world class. Working with CMSPI, we have been able to bring to light the many layers of this complex category in the past 9 months that we have tried to uncover independently over the last 2-3 years with minimal movement. The team at CMSPI has done a great job in providing the independent market facts to allow us to develop our short and long term strategies with focus on reducing costs."

Ali Yousefpour

Senior Director, Beverages & Canteen

What We Think

Prashani Samaraweera

Brendan Doyle


"Our mission is all about making payments more productive and therefore – most importantly - helping our clients be successful and grow their businesses."

Prashani Samaraweera

Athena Zhang

Insights Manager

"I'm proud to be part of a company that strives to create a more productive payments ecosystem by working with merchants, advocating for better regulation, and cultivating the best team for the job."

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