Case Studies

Delivering High Impact Savings For A Prominent APAC Retailer

A prominent pharmacy retailer in Australia and New Zealand, operating a substantial network of over 500 stores, was focused on maximizing their customer experience while maintaining the lowest transaction costs.


Through our expert’s interventions, the client achieved remarkable multi-million-dollar results.

Key Achievements

  • Processing costs were reduced by over 50% in New Zealand
  • 20% reduction through incumbent providers achieved in Australia
  • Sophisticated routing amplified benefits, delivering over $1 million in annual savings

The Challenge

To achieve their competitive payments goals, the client sought to increase transparency, reduce hidden costs, and foster collaboration across payment partners.

Despite a sophisticated approach to payments, the client faced challenges in gaining visibility into scheme fees and understanding true processing costs due to blended rates charged by payment partners. The lack of transparent cost structures obscured the implied revenue for their payment partners. The limited number of partners supporting their unique payment ecosystem also hindered competitive options.

The Solution

By leveraging our specialist expertise, the CMSPI data-lake representing over a trillion data points, and the CMSPI Platform which employs machine learning, our experts were able to break down underlying scheme fee costs and assess the value to the supply chain.

Our team managed several RFPs on behalf of the client, ensuring optimal supplier selection and support for commercial and technical decisions.

The Results

Through our teams interventions, the client was able to achieve remarkable results. In New Zealand, processing costs were reduced by over 50%, and in Australia, there was a 20% reduction through incumbent providers.

The enhanced understanding of cost structures and supply chain incentives led to savings that would have remained hidden. Moreover, a sophisticated routing design further amplified the results, delivering over $1 million in annual savings.

The collaboration with our experts has enabled the client to achieve multi-million-dollar annual savings:

Enhancing its already efficient budget.

Delivering cost savings to its valued customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Staying ahead of the curve with CMSPI’s Smarter Payments Intelligence.

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