The gas and convenience industry, with fierce competition and high payment costs, emphasizes the importance of optimizing your payments supply chain for a competitive edge.

Gaining that competitive edge in an ever-evolving, intricate, and often perplexing market is no small feat. The complexities of managing diverse checkout processes, contending with hardware challenges, navigating the intricacies of fleet cards and loyalty programs, and other hurdles intensify the demand. The situation is further complicated by the rising costs of card fees and the rapidly changing landscape of debit routing, where networks badged on the back of cards can shift almost overnight.

The challenge of achieving optimal cost savings and implementing world-class payment strategies for your business is formidable in its own right. This is where CMSPI steps in, and it’s worth noting that we collaborate with eight of the top ten brands in the sector. Leveraging our distinctive blend of data-driven insights, the CMSPI Platform, and specialized industry expertise, we assist them in enhancing routing, amplifying savings, and optimizing payment efficiency to the fullest extent.

Client Stories

$10m in Annual Payments Cost Savings for Leading Multinational Gas & C-Store Retailer

The merchants’ partnership with our specialists has led to high-impact savings and market-leading arrangements.

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Our industry specialists

Cameron Klingensmith

VP, Payments Consulting

Atlanta, GA

Cameron manages client delivery and success. He specializes in the gas and c-store industry.

Jeff Spangler

VP, Business Development

Harrisburg, PA

Jeff specializes in establishing connections and providing clear explanations to potential merchant partners.

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Blog May 31st 2023

Why Payments and Loyalty are Now Intertwined for Gas Merchants

It never used to be this complicated. Consumers would typically use the first gas station they found. If they found more than one, they’d go for the cheapest option.

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Blog June 25th 2021

EMV Liability Shift: What are the Chargeback Trends?

After multiple delays, the EMV liability shift finally came and went in April of 2021. With this shift, petroleum merchants are now liable for all fraud that occurs when transactions are not processed using EMV chip technology at the point of sale.

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Blog June 25th 2020

Problems at the Pump: 5 Complexities of Debit Routing for Convenience & Fuel Retailers

Truly optimized debit routing arrangements can save merchants millions of dollars a year: however, routing is extremely intricate, with numerous pitfalls preventing merchants from minimizing costs.

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