Merchants lose billions each year to fraud and missed consumer sales, often as a result of suboptimal strategies, poor customer purchasing experiences, a lack of data transparency, and inefficiencies in the payments supply chain leading to false declines.

Identifying where inefficiencies exist in today’s payments supply chain is a monumental challenge. Billions of transactions spanning different countries, multiple payment partners and channels, and an ever-evolving fraud landscape compound the problem. How can you best combat fraud while effectively managing this highly complex supply chain without rejecting legitimate customers?

That’s where CMSPI comes in.

How we help you.

Powered by a unique data-lake, the CMSPI Platform,
and specialist expertise, we perform a forensic
transaction level analysis of your approval rates, payments
page, fraud strategy and payment method performance.

Together, we develop data-driven strategies that help
eliminate lost sales, reduce the cost of fraud and get more
loyal customers through the checkout. We use our unique
intelligence tools and unrivaled visibility of the market to
help you amplify your teams’ results.

Authorization Rates


There are millions of criteria that go into every transaction – we estimate that 1 in 4 declines can be remedied with a more efficient payments supply chain. Our specialists utilize the CMSPI Platform – powered by advanced machine learning – to identify transaction level inefficiencies that lead to failed sales attempts. We work with you and your payments partners on initiatives that boost authorization rates and stop the loss of loyal customers.

Acceptance Tactics


Whether it is routing, multi-acquiring, retry strategy, data collection, or tokens, there are many criteria and factors that impact authorization rates and the purchasing experience. Armed with unique data insights, our specialists are on hand throughout our partnership to help you understand the knock-on effect of each decision and to deliver meaningful initiatives that enhance the productivity of each and every transaction.

Payments Page Optimization


We empower you with unique insights and specialist expertise – gained from working with hundreds of Global 500 merchants – to create data-driven strategies that enhance the purchasing experience for your customers. Our goal is to deliver initiatives that ensure you have the right payment options for your customers in each of your channels and regions, at the right cost, and that they’re performing optimally.

Fraud Strategy


From chargebacks, offer abuse, and account takeover to refund fraud and card testing, there are a multitude of challenges when it comes to payments fraud. Our experienced specialists – equipped with CMSPI’s unique data insights – help you define strategies that reduce fraud losses, risk exposure and keep you ahead of the curve.

Payment Partner Performance


By using a mix of data insights, benchmarks, and specialist expertise, we help you maximize the performance of your payments supply chain which means lower risk, higher approval rates, market-leading costs, and collaborative partners.

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Director, Fraud Solutions

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Justin has deep expertise in helping merchants develop robust and effective fraud strategies.

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Our Process

Our process is designed to deliver high-impact sales growth, lower the risk of fraud and help you attain more loyal customers – immediately and on an ongoing basis, with low resource requirements from you.

It’s simple and seamless to partner with CMSPI – and you retain executive control at all times. Our commercial terms also reflect our commitment to driving a positive impact – we operate on a share of value delivered model, which means we share in successes.

Deep Dive

Our digital experts have a deep understanding of the market by assessing trillions in consumer spend every year. They utilize the CMSPI Platform to dive into your payments set-up and data to identify hidden inefficiencies that lead to lost sales and increased fraud losses.


Collaborating with you and your payments partners, we help define data-driven strategies to boost approval rates, optimize fraud strategies, and fine-tune the purchasing experience so it works for you and your customers. You decide which initiatives to go ahead.


In a constantly shifting payments market, with an ever-evolving fraud landscape, our hands-on specialists will deliver world-class strategies that help you realize millions in sales growth without additional risk. We will be there every step of the way to keep you ahead of the curve.

We partner with Global 500 merchants across all industries.

Our expertise

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